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In the absence of work, success is temporary

We are always told that we need to work hard to succeed. However we are less often told about how success itself needs to be maintained. People often think of success as a destination. That success is in of itself a permanent condition. Experience always prove otherwise.More rather than success and failure is more often than not two sides of the same coin. It can also be a cycle of which success follows  failures and failures follow success.

Self-realization is as scarce as wisdom

Perhaps all wisdom is ... is self-realization.

A great master begins with the mastery of one

Sort of the opposite of the phrase, "jack of all trades, master of none."
Was "Journey of Jack of all Trades begins with the mastery one."

People who don't want to try something because they are afraid they are not good at it, will always wait. But when is someone good at it the first time, all the time?
So try. Be good at it. Repeat.

Idiots who thinks they are right, don't know they are idiots. But whomever knows they are idiots, immediately aren't one.

Stupidity has to be fought, not celebrated. Idiocy has to identified, not identified with.

The least objective thing to do is to objectify.

Being Objective - to not influenced by feelings (
Objectify - to treat as an object (

The first brings an allure of high-mindedness. It is a desirable trait. The latter isn't one, at least that is what everyday says in public.

Idiots must understand the difference between being righteous and being right.

Being righteous sometime means being wrong sometime, too. Being right means you are right all the time. Being Right doesn't mean you are right, just as being Left doesn't mean you're wrong.Being a right Idiot means being right. Being a Right Idiot means your twice it An idiot doesn't know how they got it right. An righteous idiot doesn't know how.

Apparently the most commonly found element in nature is blame

Nothing is easier to be found than blame. Look hard enough, and there is some to be found in the most unlikely of places. Or in the most obvious places. Blame just crops up whenever there is trouble to be made.

The brightness light isn't the loudest

Today's celebrity culture has made it hard for people to recognize the difference between what is useful and what is most visible. What makes it harder is the opinion that one has to be visible to do more good. This could stem from a misunderstanding of the concept that it is not sufficient for good to be done but good must be also seen.
And neither the extent of the visibility has a consistent correlation to the value of the good being done. But the confusion has led to desire to inflate the visibility of the do-gooder in tandem with the good, placing as much value in it as the deed itself.  Coupled with the phenomenon of popular being the cause of popularity, visibility takes the front seat in place of the good deed itself, obscuring it in the back seat.

I see the shortcomings in others as reflections of mine, something needing help more than ridicule

I try not to get upset when things go wrong. I used to. But over time, I've come to realize that when things go wrong, it is an opportunity for me to solve a problem. And I love solving problems.
The more I do this, the less trying I need to not get upset. Soon it becomes natural. Perversely, I see this a form of the saying "Don't get angry, get even." Because getting even is one solution. Not getting upset is also a form of peace. Where you don't need to get riled over the smallest thing.
Now, I'm turning that view outward. Out to the people around me. Where I used to deride, I now choose to encourage. Where I used to vilify, I now choose to help.
Positivity is a choice we all can make. First it helps us. Then it'll help us help others. 

Eating Humble Pie today will make it an acquired taste later

Humility is in short supply today, especially when it comes to social media-obsessed millennials. In a culture where narcissism is a form of business, humility becomes a rare commodity. Despite to the contrary, we seem to deny the inevitability of failure, big or small. Therefore when it does come, failure without humility is often very bitter. More so when rage is the result. Why not prepare, brace for failure and accept it when it comes? Then rise up again, standing up straight and taking that defiant step forward. Onward, to real success.
So nibble on a slice of humble pie today. It may not taste great but so many things are in life. Things that if without, makes our lives a little less. That even the bitter has an edge of sweet. Ask all those coffee connoisseurs.

Knowledge and Awareness is the difference between Confidence and Delusion

Both are beliefs. But one is rooted in reality while the other is rooted in the clouds. One can lead to success, the other leads you in circles.