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Blame is timeless. It can be done any time.

(Photo credit: quinn.anya) Solutions only come around once. It's is an opportunity that is realized, taken advantage of and made real. So solutions are a combination of effort and opportunity. No amount of effort can solve a problem if it's time hasn't come. And no amount of effort can solve a problem if the opportunity to solve it has passed. You can only solve it on the next one.
That is why there also solutions who time hasn't come. They solve things that have not become problems yet.

Tomorrow will never come, yesterday is gone forever. All we have is today. We can reminisce about yesterday and dream about tomorrow but today is the time to do something about it.

Landscape from Assam (Photo credit: Wikipedia) This reminds me of an Arabic saying "All of life there are only two days, a day for you and a day against you". Which means that things either work out for us or it doesn't. Which is seems obvious except that most people think that every day is for them, that things will always work out. The proverb then goes into many directions, many ways that it continues. One version goes "When time is for you, be thankful and when it is against you, have patience". Sometimes, the next verse is specific to the recipient, a reminder of sorts. It sort of has resonance with the whole Buddhist "life is like a wheel" concept, sometimes you're up, sometimes you're down.

So much energy is spent getting angry, that often none is left to solve the problem.

Problems happens all the time. We spend a lot energy on it. The thing is, we are the one who decide whether we chose to spend that energy being angry or looking for a solution.