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Not taking risks means not risking failure... and not risking success.

Dangerous Risks Aside (Photo credit: Whether we like it or not, we are taking risks every day. Crossing the street is risky. Actuarial scientists will say the risks vary. Poker players will say the odd are even in life. They are both right but it's still risky.
So if you accept that you are always taking risks, why not take risks to succeed. Failure is always an option but it's failure only if you don't get up and try again.

This quotes is the familiar form of stating things one way and pointing out the opposite which shares the same truths.

If everywhere you go you smell shit, it's probably you.

Reality smells (Photo credit: Eric.Parker) Either you stepped in shit or you're somewhere where it's all around you. Either way,  you had something to do with it or getting there.
You either walked around oblivious to the things you stepped on.  Confident that whatever it is,  it's not important and won't affect you in any way. Guess what, you've just proved yourself wrong.
Or you brought yourself or made your way somewhere where it's shit everywhere. Whether you meant to do so or thought you'd never get to the place where shit is everywhere, what matters is what you do now to get out shit and whether you will learn anything from it.
Either way,  it's you and something you did.  Deal with it.