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Who says I'm a reckless driver? I wreck cars all the time!

Something funny for once

Contrary to popular belief, the intellect is not an exhaustable resource

On the Contrary (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Why do people hoard wisdom as if it is spent once given away? The strange thing about knowledge and understanding is that it grows the more you use it. The more you use your brain the better it'll get. So why do people choose to ignore their best ideas? Laziness?

Learning is not in the retention and regurgitation of facts, but of the evaluation of the conclusion derived from those facts as to whether to incorporate it into daily life

The concept of facts is under assault. In so much as as truth is relegated to a form of opinion (my truth vs your truth) so that it be on the same standing as perception. Reality was the first casualty when it was brought down and equated as perception. Reality is what it is. Perception is your conception and opinion of what that is. A summation of reality. Your perception alone does not change reality. Your actions based on your perception does. Thus the stock market.But the concept of fact is under attack. It is under attack when we excuse lying as a reforming fact. To say something that is it not is lying. Plain and simple.

Nothing on paper means nothing

Try it with different pauses and intonations to change it meaning