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Destiny is both the path and destination of our lives

Of course there will be left nothing to do if we keep deciding to not do what needs to be done.

Slightly more convoluted than I wanted. But it gets the jobs done.
We keep putting off things to do. And yet we complain we are bored and that there is nothing to do. There is always something to do. Even if it is finding something to do.

We are all guilty of confusing sage advice with marketing slogans... and taking the latter.

What is the state of our civilization when marketing slogans trumps sage advise. Marketing passing off as wisdom (and its acceptance) is the greatest lie of our times.
The problem lies also with what is being market. Marketing can sell you bubble gum or a president. Can you tell the difference?

You're only a day older than yesterday and a day younger than tommorow

Age is relative. It is not how old you are. It is what you do at any age. Time may be lost forever, so why are you wasting more time crying over it's loss?

When chasing of profits, don't leave your customers behind.

Public listed companies are split-personality companies in that they make money from selling products and services to customers and from the buying and selling of their own stock or at least taking advantage of its price. One one hand, it has to do right for the customers to continue buying. On the other it has to do things that the stock market likes, like meeting revenue expectations to keep the stock price going up. But if doing one good hurts the other, whom will they most likely choose? The more gullible.

Ignorance + Arrogance = Idiots

There is the blissfully ignorant and the knowledgeable / know-it-all arrogant. But the combination of both is something truly special. People too arrogant to want to know more and arrogant enough to impose that no one else should too. A person too ignorant of what others know and ignorant enough to assume they know more than everyone else. I present to you the Idiot.

Honesty is the best policy... for everyone else.

What everybody thinks.

When you admit you don't know everything, you're always learning something

The reverse is very true also. People who won't learn anything surely think they know everything.

Time spent feeling sad is lost time feeling happy.

(Photo credit: Wikipedia) If time is finite and can never be gotten back again, why do we waste so much of it being sad. No, not feeling sad. We all should feel sad. Feeling sad is what makes us human.
But being sad. Deciding to be in a sad state. Wallowing in our sorrow longer. Why do so when we could spend that time being happy. Or trying to make ourselves feel better.
So when you can choose sad, why not choose happy?

If the weak doesn't point out the shortcomings of others, how will the strong every hear about them?

It bugs me that people equate stating the facts to blame. To squelch facts from coming out, the act is painted as blame. All those "Don't dwell on past mistakes" people will be condemned to repeat them. The "it doesn't matter anymore" crowd will one day find out it does.

The most common form of delusion is the belief that the absolute is a creation.

100% guarantees. The biggest car/boat/building in the world... until someone else builds a bigger one.

People who claim to be right all the time are contradicting themselves.

Think about it.  No one is right all the time. Ever.
So what does that make people who believe that a certain person is right all the time? Wrong.

You can't solve everything, but everything is definitely solvable.

Don't try to solve all your problems alone. The ends of that road are illusions of invincibility or utter despair.

The most brilliant idea any one has had is to just shut up.

For whatever reason. To ignore. To listen. We spend too much time talking. We love listening to ourselves so much that the only way to save us from ourselves is to deprive us.

99% of the people in the room can see your bad idea. They 100% choose not to tell you.

We think as what we read, so choose wisely.

Sort of recursive but nonethless not redundant.

The unbridled pursuit of wealth is called greed. It is not the acquisition of wealth, merely the pursuit of it.

Was "The unbridled pursuit of wealth is called greed. It is not the acquisition of wealth as often greed is worn by the wealthy but merely the pursuit of it." or earlier "The unbridled pursuit of wealth is called greed. It is not the acquisition of wealth despite that greed is worn by the wealthy but it is merely the pursuit of it."

Who says I'm a reckless driver? I wreck cars all the time!

Something funny for once

Contrary to popular belief, the intellect is not an exhaustable resource

On the Contrary (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Why do people hoard wisdom as if it is spent once given away? The strange thing about knowledge and understanding is that it grows the more you use it. The more you use your brain the better it'll get. So why do people choose to ignore their best ideas? Laziness?

Learning is not in the retention and regurgitation of facts, but of the evaluation of the conclusion derived from those facts as to whether to incorporate it into daily life

The concept of facts is under assault. In so much as as truth is relegated to a form of opinion (my truth vs your truth) so that it be on the same standing as perception. Reality was the first casualty when it was brought down and equated as perception. Reality is what it is. Perception is your conception and opinion of what that is. A summation of reality. Your perception alone does not change reality. Your actions based on your perception does. Thus the stock market.But the concept of fact is under attack. It is under attack when we excuse lying as a reforming fact. To say something that is it not is lying. Plain and simple.

Nothing on paper means nothing

Try it with different pauses and intonations to change it meaning

Those who constantly look for faults, will always find disappointment

This went through so many re-writes. at one time it was
 "Is is any wonder that those who look for faults all the time find bitterness and disappointment?" which was not bad but I think the one I finally chose was best. Or the more  convoluted

"Bitterness is the treasure that one finds when looking for faults"

Leaders must understand the thin line between sounding ambiguous and sounding blur

Was "CEOs must understand the thin line between sounding ambiguous and
sounding blur" for all the efforts to squeeze in too many buzzwords in
product launch speeches but after one too many political rhetoric
trying to mask ideology as logic, they deserve it too.

Politics is a Popularity Pageant in Pursuit of Power

Originally : "Politics is no longer an art of compromise but a pageant, a popularity-contest where truth is oft spoken but of but valued less, where image is everything and the true purpose is power"

Reflecting on the present will make the past look much better.

Or reflecting on the now will improve the picture you see looking back.

Everybody appreciates being appreciated.

Thank You - Danke (Photo credit: AlicePopkorn) It sounds truthful. It's probably true. We forget it all the time.

The trick to this quote is repeating the noun as verb. Both have to be spelled or sound similar. Try it. "Everybody likes being liked". "The hated hate more." "Confusion make everyone confused".
Or take it up a notch. "Only the needy need to need"

Where do answers come from? Questions!

Someone asked me that and I answered it. It is a question that answers itself in more than one way.

The successful company does not produce good products, it produces satisfied paying customers.

A bit of marketing mumbo-jumbo there.

The distance between effort and success is faith

Which faith? That is your decision to make. Faith in your ability. Faith in yourself. Faith in the cosmos. Faith in luck. Faith in the Almighty.

Idiocy knows no bounds

Stupidity Sign (Photo credit: Bill Gracey) There are probably measurements for stupidity but often we do not know what it is, what more than use it. The problem is that there is no end to it.

A person who has never lost something, has never found anything.

(Photo credit: Wikipedia) Originally I wrote this as "A person who has lost nothing, has never searched and found anything" but the above sound catchier.