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Blind faith makes us certain in everything except that we can be certainly wrong.

Let there be light (Photo credit: Priyantha Bandara) We can get confused about faith and certainty. Blind faith makes us believe that something is certain. No doubt about it. When what it really is .. is that we can be certainly wrong. The refusal to even reconsider what we believe can lead us to the extremes. Rather than reinforcing our belief, we seek to extend a tower higher up, not even looking at it's foundation.
Inspired by this NYT article

What does it say for the science we know when our senses can be deceived?

The structure here sets up a general statement or belief for a question or questioning and provides a factual statement (related or not) to set up the question. This is tool is used more as a general tool to produce a reaction which the speaker can then use to gauge the audience later.
This statement itself is deeper than the usual ones I bring out. Think about it. The scientific method is partly based on testing a hypothesis and observing and recording the results. But if our senses can be fooled (and the numerous visual trickery images on the net is a testament to this), what does it say for our observations? Is our science limited to our senses? Is it limited to what our equipment translates what we cannot sense into something we can? Even then, do we lose some data in the process. How does this relate to the concept of a personal reality? If a person is never explained basic scientific concepts and observes them in action, do they come out with the same conclusions?

A "solution looking for a problem" in some places is called a bullet.

Hollow point bullet (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Some people tell other to stop wasting time coming up with solutions that don't address real problems. I call that being prepared. Those people don't realize that "solutions looking for a problem" exists everywhere. Anything is a potential solution to something. The quote above just puts it with a little umph at the end. You see, a bullet on it's own does no harm. But used in the right way, with the right tools, it may just be the solution you are looking for... like shooting practice.

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