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A wise person would know their limit... and the people to help them go beyond it.

(Photo credit: robotbrainz) In the ever so loud exclamation of everything must be positive to be positive, it is often forgotten that there will be times when we will fall and there will be times when the wall is simply too high to scale.
Rather than try endlessly, why not turn to a friend or for help. Now what ever limits us is fewer. The limits are now that is common to two people.
Some people will say that we can achieve success on our own. The next time they try to use a bridge, tell them to find a way across without it because that bridge is someone's helping hand.

What matters is not whether the glass is half-empty or half-full but whether the liquid is enough for your thrist

(Photo credit: Wikipedia) That is what a someone who puts quality over quantity will see.
A capitalist will consider how much is the value of the liquid to others in the same room, the value of it somewhere else, the cost of moving the glass there, whether he can make the people in the room compete with the people over there to drive up the value and whether he can sell it to both of them and get away with keeping the glass.