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It's undisputed that cockiness is the cause most associated with halfcocked solutions.

It's easy to confuse a strong belief in a dream with the over-confidence that the dream can be achieved. We can make dreams come true. But more often than not, we need to work for them. This means planning, preparation, perseverance and positivity in good measure, not too much nor too little.

Cockiness - Overly self-assertive or self-confident
Halfcocked - Inadequate or poorly prepared

People who claim to be bored, probably do not clean.

I heard this from someone. It sounded inane until I thought about it. All the people I know who spend time cleaning, cleaning their homes or cars or space at the office, complain about not enough time. Not enough time to clean more I guess..
People who like cleanliness tend to find more things to clean. I don't know why really. There is always something to clean. Like there is always something to complain about. In a way, it's even worse than the glass-half-empty people because these people want to throw out the water in the glass and clean it. And then keep it. Making that other person a there-is- no-glass-left kind of person.
But be thankful for people who are always looking for something to clean. Their OCD is our gain. And there is almost no end in things to clean.

The less I say, the more likely my words becomes my actions.

Was "the more I talk,  the more my words becomes my actions".
Although what we say may be carried further than our actions, what we do is our stronger legacy. Abraham Lincoln was known for the Emancipation Proclamation but his legacy is the freeing of the slaves.  But I am not trying to diminish the speech. He was not the first leader to free slaves but he was the most famous.