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One who sees no evil, hears no evil, won't be stopping evil.

Some people choose to see no evil and hear no evil. What they do is that they don't see evil as evil. If they believe what they see is not evil, then to them they see no evil. Similarly, if what they don't believe what they are hearing is evil, then to them they hear no evil. From these kinds of people, one thing they'll don't do a lot of is speak no evil.

The truth is buried in information

Life's sign posts point everywhere.
 (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Too good not to have it's own post. Related to another post on information and truth.
Has almost a double meaning. One is that we need to sift through a lot of information to get to the truth. In our 24-hour news channel news cycle world, the truth is getting harder by the day. At first it seems to be too much information. But look closely and we might find that it's really too much agenda. Popularity is one of them.
Another way to look at the quote is that the real truth is purposely being buried under tons of information to prevent other from finding it. It could be worse. That a glimpse of the truth in a pile of information may lend credibility to the entire pile.

In the age of information, there is quantity over truth.

Information does not infer truth. The opposite of information is not misinformation. Misinformation is still information. Information is input. Our actions and words are the output. A truism for all programmers, "garbage in, garbage out", applies.
Actually, the opposite of information is the absence of information. Information exists or not.
As we are inundated by information, it is up to us to determine it's truth. Which given in today's information age is made harder by the sheer volume of it. Or perhaps in a better way, "The truth is buried in information."