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Planning is the bridge to your goals

You can meander down the path of uncertainty or run through the tall
forest, taking turns at every whim

The smartest people know a good idea when they see one

A Plan is the bridge from Problem to Solution

Knowledge is never proportionate to Understanding

(Photo credit: @Doug88888) I am always interested in the difference between the two. I used to think that learning is bridge between knowledge and understanding until I met people who did not know yet understood.
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Anything that can fail, will fail... and at the worst possible moment

Certainty of life

Some people think agreeing to nothing is a license to criticize everything.

There are people in this world who won't agree to anything or offer an opinion to anything when asked or to anything brought to them. But at the very first chance, they will offer criticism of other people's answers to the question asked. They will deride things that have been offered to them that was taken back for lack of an response. To them, their derision and unkind words are an expression of superiority. They feel empowered in their ability to thwart the efforts of others while offering nothing themselves.
They place a high value on their response when in reality they can offer nothing of substance. They inhabit meetings purely for opportunities to not participate rather than working together for a common outcome. They do so thinking what they do is invisible and so they do it in plain sight. These people feed on the civility of others and polite manners, thinking that there is no word for what they do. In fact, there is one word that describes them: Spineless.

Understand the simple and the complex becomes unravelled

This works in two ways. This is the first:
Today's advances is based on the works of others that came before us. Their works, from our standpoint, are simpler and more basic. Today 'original thought' and 'new ideas' are looked up at . But if we take the time to look closer and learn more about that what we praise about, we will find traces of other who came before us. What seems complicated and novel are merely the next iteration of something else. If so, why do we look down on the efforts to understand what was?
How often we go around looking for new solutions when all it requires is to continue the works of others?
The second
We are often obsessed in finding new ways to solve 'new' problems. A solution often seems to be the race for the next more complicated thing or way. Rather than gain an understanding of what we are facing, we rush towards a solution without understanding what the real problem is. The fear of complexity drives ignorance. In turn, ignor…

A leader is about action not title.

Isn't it strange how reality TV.... isn't.

I am quite opinionated but I don't let opinions get the better of me

The past is always visible from the future

.. so don't dwell on the past too long. You can see less clearly as time goes on and you start filling in the image with the best versions of images or events.
Why not learn from the past from out vantage point in the future. It'll be only time before the future pales into the past.

If we were judged by what is in our hearts, heaven would be empty

(Photo credit: Wikipedia) We think of a lot of things. Some good. Some bad. Nothing counts until thoughts become actions.

In our quest to be righteous, do we actually achieve what is right?

..or we end up doing more wrong in our path to achieve a right. Or at least what we think is right. Or at least what someone told us is right.
More importantly, is doing right a license to do wrong?