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The half-way point between despair and joy is contentment.

Horizon (Photo credit: Nevalenx) Life is a cycle.  There are days when we are on top of the world. There are days when we are low and in the dumps. The secret to surviving the ride up and the ride down is to take time to stop in-between. Be content of what you have even as your are getting more of it. Abundance doesn't need to be yours alone. Sharing can be rewarding.  And be thankful for what you had as the world crumbles around you. It'll give you time to find those that truly matter. They'll be there to cushion your fall and rise with you when things look up.
Remember, life is a cycle.
This sort of in the same vein as this.

If life sucks, let it suck my fears and frustrations

The way we use adversity
is strictly our own choice (Photo credit: symphony of love) I always wondered what that really phrase meant,  "life sucks".  Where did it come from? Why did that person first said it.
If life is literally sucking, I'd like it to be of some use. It might as well suck out the things I fear and doubt. It should suck away things that stop me from trying again and be accepting of the eventual outcome.

Despite all the sucking, life still goes on. So if it sucks, let it be for the better.

Success is the temporary state between Problems

Sunset at Lake Success (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Updated 12th January 2015
Especially when we are down, we tend to feel like success is far away, fleeting and not permanent.
You could not be more right.
Success is impermanent. After success will come problems. It may not be failure. But it will need you to be more successful.
Success is fleeting if we are not careful. Like a beautiful sunset, it is fleeting. Although there are a million (now 10 million more) pictures of sunsets, these sunsets were short but memorable. Success should be like that. Draw inspiration from it. Think of the good things it brought. And always remember how long it lasted.