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Politics is a Popularity Pageant in Pursuit of Power

Originally : "Politics is no longer an art of compromise but a pageant, a popularity-contest where truth is oft spoken but of but valued less, where image is everything and the true purpose is power"

Reflecting on the present will make the past look much better.

Or reflecting on the now will improve the picture you see looking back.

Everybody appreciates being appreciated.

Thank You - Danke (Photo credit: AlicePopkorn) It sounds truthful. It's probably true. We forget it all the time.

The trick to this quote is repeating the noun as verb. Both have to be spelled or sound similar. Try it. "Everybody likes being liked". "The hated hate more." "Confusion make everyone confused".
Or take it up a notch. "Only the needy need to need"

Where do answers come from? Questions!

Someone asked me that and I answered it. It is a question that answers itself in more than one way.