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Lightning strikes the same place twice rarely but more likely if you're holding up a metal rod in a field in the rain

Lightning strikes over downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Normally we don't want something to happen again. Unless it's something good. So it's not the fact something happens again that is important, it is what that thing is. It's less likely we will make the same mistake twice if we do thing differently the second time around. And we will likely not achieve the same outcome if we do things differently
So why do we do the opposite?
How many times you've find yourself trying to make that thing work again by doing something different. Or doing the same thing, believing that things will work out differently this time around. How important is consistency and why do we apply it inconsistently?
Insanity is both Doing the same thing expecting the same outcome AND Doing it differently and expecting thes

This form of saying is what I call the tangent. It's taking a well known saying or common sense notion and adding an exclusion at the end that proves th…