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Maybe the one who speaks the least, knows the most.

..because they've reached the conclusion and just waiting for you to do the same. Contemplation
(Photo credit: Wikipedia) The value of knowledge is being cleverly subverted. While knowledge is put on a pedestal, the sweet talkers and smooth operators are glorified more. The choice is not always between speaking out even when unsure versus keeping quiet and letting others convince everyone else that the water is nicer over the cliff. It's also choosing when to impart knowledge at it's most useful point in time: when people are ready to accept it.

Sincerity is Innocence all grown up.

This is  the start of a series of older quotes from an earlier part of my life. I found a cache of quotes from a long-forgotten, pre-blog era. I'm labeling them 'Old Quotes'

This is the first of my long list of struggles trying to make sense of this world. People almost never mean what they say, or worse never say anything at all but then just create in their minds what your reactions will be and react to that. How can you defend yourself against what people who make up what they think you'll say? You didn't say it and you didn't even think of it in the first place. But that is their perception. Do you deal with that? Or can you choose to not deal with them at all?