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If you can't see the goal, at least know what the goal post looks like

Quite often our goals are hazy at best. Some people think that living in a hazy world is the norm. But we have wants, even if they are vague. Peering into the fog to get a clearer picture is worth the effort. Or else you'd be looking for that second football post forever.

Or better still "Know your goals even though you may not see them."

Nothing is as beleaguered than facts that construct blame.

Nothing is more vilified than blame constructed of  facts. Often the people at fault attack the source of the fact or the logic of the construction because they cannot find fault with the facts. The more arrogant simply dismiss the facts without acknowledging either way in public but only to themselves.

Looking like an idiot is relative and temporary. Being one isn't.

So go ahead and take that risk, possibly making a fool of yourself. Apologize or take on the chin, it's your choice. At least you know how it feels to be an idiot for a while.  Some people choose to feel like that all the time.