Being right some of time, fuels all full-time skeptics

James Randi with some expensive art
James Randi with some expensive art (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
If you are skeptical all the time, you would be right at least once. Being skeptic doesn't means being against anythings nor does it forward another alternative. Being skeptic is creating doubt around something but not enough to dismiss is outright. You can even go ahead dismissing something, knowing that if the that thing fails just once, you are proven right. Your position is save even if that thing is just right only one time. The skeptic can be right once to be proven true, the target of the skepticism, on the other hand, cannot fail.
The position is non-committal. If you are wrong, then you can just shrug it off because you didn't say it was wrong in the first place. But you have gloating rights when your skepticism is proved justified, even though only in hindsight.


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