Why should you be surprised when hiring smart people to work for you, you will be eventually out-smarted.

President George W. Bush talks to reporters Fr...
Historians will debate as to whom really wore the pants / signed the checks / stamped the President's seal.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
And I mean that in several ways.
In the literal way is that those smart people who you hired will just gang up and go against you. In another way, the smart workers will just start finding ways to make their decisions seem to you like they were yours. You make the decisions, feel smart and take all the responsibility.

Originally, this thought stream came out when I read an article published in the early weeks of George W. Bush's presidency, pre-9-11. The article defended his academic record and dubious achievements outside of politics. It assured that despite of his history, George W. Bush redeemed himself by surrounding himself with smart people. They were supposed to do his bidding, provide him ideas but at the end, the decision would always be his. I thought it was an accident waiting to happen.
Turns out I really didn't have to wait for a long time because it already happened. I later found out that the person who led the committee to find a suitable running mate for his election bid was Dick Cheney. Apparently, he looked high and low and could not find any other candidate more suitable than the guy he sees in the mirror every morning. Which was ok. The fault was GW's decision to accept Dick's finding.
This set the tone for the years to come with the smart people he surrounded himself with.
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