Trouble will always find those looking for it, but it'll find those who aren't looking for it, faster.

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Life is full of trouble. Once you've accept this, it'll be much easier dealing with life. Life is definitely not like the TV. Everything does not always work out alright in the end. Everyone doesn't get what they deserve. People are not always the same every day. Tomorrow will be different than today. The story ends at the top of the hour. But Life goes on.
Oddly enough, I thought of this when preparing to give a talk on how important planning is. It would be a given that planning is a good thing but in reality most people don't know how.Worse of all most people think that the opposite of planning is excitement. They end up living by the seat of their pants. Which could be good for them but not for the people around them.
Spontaneity is ok to start with. It may point to a direction. You may even know where you want to go. So prepare for the journey and to learn from it.
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