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A friend is someone who excels at understanding when understanding is needed most

Empathy (software)
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Sympathy vs Empathy. The distinction between both is either razor thin or gulf wide, depending on which side you stand on. From Sympathy's side, empathy looks like a step away, two sides of the same coin. Because from Sympathy, all that can be seen are the similarities. Sympathy wants to be on the same side. Sympathy feels that same.
From Empathy's side, Sympathy is an ocean away. The similarities can be seen from Empathy but they can't and won't be reached. Empathy has the burden of doing what is necessary, what is right. It knows the hurt now but always compares that with the pain to come if what is right is not done. It's not without emotion but can only make the landing softer from the fall.
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