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One who sees no evil, hears no evil, won't be stopping evil.

Some people choose to see no evil and hear no evil. What they do is that they don't see evil as evil. If they believe what they see is not evil, then to them they see no evil. Similarly, if what they don't believe what they are hearing is evil, then to them they hear no evil. From these kinds of people, one thing they'll don't do a lot of is speak no evil.


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A great master begins with the mastery of one

Sort of the opposite of the phrase, "jack of all trades, master of none."
Was "Journey of Jack of all Trades begins with the mastery one."

People who don't want to try something because they are afraid they are not good at it, will always wait. But when is someone good at it the first time, all the time?
So try. Be good at it. Repeat.

Idiots must understand the difference between being righteous and being right.

Being righteous sometime means being wrong sometime, too. Being right means you are right all the time. Being Right doesn't mean you are right, just as being Left doesn't mean you're wrong.Being a right Idiot means being right. Being a Right Idiot means your twice it An idiot doesn't know how they got it right. An righteous idiot doesn't know how.