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The link between Effort and Success is a bit of Faith

Is Health wealth or will wealth pay for health
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I've often wondered about success. How do some people succeed? Why do others fail? I look at the relationship between effort and success. Everyone used to tell me that you have to work hard to succeed. Later they told me to work smart and not work hard. Now everybody says that to be successful, you have to be passionate about what you do. Wait a minutes, isn't that just working hard but loving it?
I look at people who are successful but didn't really do much to get there.I also see honest people working hard and barely making ends meet. Is success not supposed to be fair? I'd like to think that success is not a destination but a state of being. It is different for every people. Being successful it just a measurement but depends on what are you measuring for?
I don't know what it all means.But I do see one thing. To be successful, you need faith. It could be faith in yourself or faith in the people you work with. Faith that nothing will go wrong. Faith that you are doing great things. Faith that your effort will pan out. Faith that success is your right for the taking. Faith that God or something larger than you is playing part in your success.
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