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People who think they can do no wrong... are doing one right then.

It amazes to no end that people simply refuse to believe that they can make mistakes. It is an assumption that they are right all the time. But that is not true. Everybody makes mistakes at one time or the other. It is what we do once we realize we made a mistake that makes up our character.
And we spend so much time denying it or hiding it or ignoring it. Think of all the work needed to make a lie believable. Well that lie is "I am right all the time." When it would have been probably faster to just deal with it.
The "believe in yourself no matter what" school of thought has to take some blame. They simply deny the existence of doubt. But doubt is the core of a conscience. Without a conscience how do you keep doing good things? How do you know what are good actions and things? So we end up with per-packaged causes marketed to the people who refuse to doubt anything but still want to do something good. In other words we get told what is good instead of coming to conclusions of our own. Isn't that just odd that in trying to be ultimately independent, we end up depending on others? 


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